I Ship Weird Relationships or Wierdships

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not talking about made-up relationships here. Not like when people ship Draco and Harry. I’m talking about relationships in movies, tv shows and of course books where there is an actual or implied relationship going on. You probably have a bunch of weirdships as well and I want to know all about them in the comments.
The Weirdships I ship

Last night as part of the #YATalk Twitter chat, we were asked:


Okaay, Q2. Who was your first fictional crush? #YATalk

— Ely (@elysiumjayne) February 1, 2017

Which then lead to:


Q2 never had one but I’ll say Peeta Mallark because he’s the character most like my fiancé. Gorgeous and way too damn good for me. #YATalk pic.twitter.com/tKMqd3FsT6

— K M Tanner (@KMTannerAuthor) February 1, 2017

That got us talking about how people were gunning for Gale first. Now that I find totally weird. I classify a weirdship between main characters as a ship where they’re not supposed to end up together in the end. Like Elena and Stefan for example. Yep. Shutup. Or a another example of a weirdship is when two supporting or minor characters are weird together but it’s cute.

I Ship Weird Relationships or Weirdships

Brienne and Tormund from Game of Thrones

Oh my god, these two are so stinkin’ cute. I adore Tormund and he’s totally crushing all over Brienne and Brienne of course can’t stand it. Perfect fairy tale beginning.


AMEN! RT @catherinereport Ladies, find someone that looks at you like Tormund looks at Brienne. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/lqHb2B6geB

— danielle le toullec (@daniletoullec) May 18, 2016


Rebekah and Matt from The Vampire Diaries

Ok so one thing you should know about me is that Claire Holt is my absolute favourite actor ever. She’s awesome in everything. That being said, I may be a little biased when it comes to this ship. I love her with Matt from The Vampire Diaries. They’re so cute together.

Cain and Amber from Bitten

These 2 are super weird. They’re a cute and a gross couple all at the same time but I include them because everyone aspires to that kind of passion and dedication in their relationship. It’s hard to find examples of couples on tv, books and in movies of couples that are truly loyal to each other because that makes for a boring plot, but it can be done with side characters and it should be done more often. I don’t want this to become a post all about normalising disloyalty in relationships through what we read and watch but it should stop… anyway went off on a bit of a tangent there.
There are literally no good photos of Cain and Amber online which means unlike the first two weirdships I mentioned, shipping them must truly be weird. So instead I’m going to love you and leave you with a photo of the gorgeous Claire Holt instead. But before you go, don’t forget to tell me who your favourite weirdships are! I’m certain I’ve forgotten heaps.
Who do you weirdship?


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