Always Books. Never Boring.

Welcome to my blog. While this is my very first blog post here, I’m in no way a blogging n00b. In fact, I’m a professional blogger, writer and digital marketer, but I won’t be talking about that here. This blog is going to be all about books. Nope. Not a review blog. I won’t be reviewing any books to share though I’m sure you’ll discover all my favourites in no time. If you want read my reviews, follow me on goodreads.


Always Books. Never Boring.

So if it’s not a book review blog, what kind of book blog is it? Here are the kinds of posts you can expect from me:

  • Book nerd fun and games
  • Book trivia quizzes
  • Book personality quizzes
  • Bookstagram fun
  • My book updates
  • Book memes
  • Book pop culture



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More About Me

Still reading? Thanks!
Other than being a bookstagrammer, and digital marketer, I’m also a writer. I’m currently on the last chapter of my first draft of Paisley, a YA novel about having visions, insanity, strangers in the forests of Tasmania (my home) and family connection. See my books page for more info.
I live in a little house in Tassie with my fiancee, our naughty black cat and our spazzy dog. When I’m not writing, I’m reading. I read a lot more than I write but honestly I’d like to do more of both. Being a writer is hard. Damn hard. But it’s never boring.
Expect new posts about once a week from me and remember to keep updated by subscribing to the newsletter.

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