When do you stop reading a book? At what point do you decide it's time to call it quits?

When do You Stop Reading a Book?

When do you stop reading a book? As soon as it becomes too boring, when the pace starts to slow, at the first page when you don’t like the opening line or do you dig a little deeper, trying desperately to hold on and finish what you started?

I’ll admit, I’m definitely the latter type. I will try to finish every book I start until that little voice in my head that tells me I’m wasting time on a bad or boring-to-me book when I could be reading something I really love, or at the very least like. I know it’s illogical.

  • When I don’t like a television show that’s on, I’ll immediately change the channel
  • When I don’t like the song that’s playing, I’ll immediately skip it

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I Ship Weird Relationships or Wierdships

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not talking about made-up relationships here. Not like when people ship Draco and Harry. I’m talking about relationships in movies, tv shows and of course books where there is an actual or implied relationship going on. You probably have a bunch of weirdships as well and I want to know all about them in the comments. Continue reading “I Ship Weird Relationships or Wierdships”

25 Last Minute Gifts for Book Lovers

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are or have a book lover in your life then this is the list for you. Christmas shopping gets so hard, that’s why I always aim to be finished in October, of course I never am though. Thankfully most of my Christmas gifting is already complete this year but in the process of finding gifts for my book loving family I have come across some pretty awesome gifts that I couldn’t help but share. Besides, this works for what people should get me too right? Pretty please! Continue reading “25 Last Minute Gifts for Book Lovers”

Always Books. Never Boring.

Welcome to my blog. While this is my very first blog post here, I’m in no way a blogging n00b. In fact, I’m a professional blogger, writer and digital marketer, but I won’t be talking about that here. This blog is going to be all about books. Nope. Not a review blog. I won’t be reviewing any books to share though I’m sure you’ll discover all my favourites in no time. If you want read my reviews, follow me on goodreads. Continue reading “Always Books. Never Boring.”